Creative Operations and Everyday Workflows with Digital Asset Management (DAM)

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Creative Operations and Everyday Workflows with Digital Asset Management (DAM)

October 31 - November 27


Course Instructor
Richard Swaziek

  • How do we get our creative team to use our DAM system?
  • What are the best ways to help our team to work more effectively with their digital assets?
  • DAM is/will be a cross-functional initiative in my organization. How does one build a DAM system that fosters collaboration, streamlined workflows, and intelligent reporting?

A multi-channel, multi-platform world continues to increase demand for digital assets, and organizations that manage high volumes of content rely on creative operations as the cross-functional glue for marketing and communications, agency relationships, packaging, branding, publishing (digital and print), as well as other related aspects of digital assets within a business.

The practice of creative operations is an emerging discipline and is applicable across many industries (media, consumer, federal, or arts and culture). Well-defined processes, clarity around people’s roles, optimized technology, and data are the key to effective digital asset management in action. Creative operations work to provide cohesion in how an organization represents itself to the public through its digital content, as well as improves the performance of the teams who are creating and disseminating it. This course explores how DAM, creative operations, and workflows within an organization come together to streamline business processes.


Rutgers University DAM Professional Certificate Program



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