About – Kristina Huddart

I help you plan, implement and optimize your digital asset management (DAM) operations.

Your Experienced DAM Consulting Specialist. Kristina Huddart

Kristina has over 9 years of experience in the DAM industry working on the client-side across industries including finance, startup, charity, cultural heritage, energy, health and wellness, academic, technology research, publishing, retail and eCommerce, and events sectors. Kristina is also a thought leader, author, speaker and educator. She has held roles including DAM Librarian, Product Owner and Head of Creative Operations.

Helping you build successful DAM operations & strategies

Huddart Consulting specialises in building strong, successful DAM operations with the right combination of people, process, data, and technology. Kristina provides services to organizations including:

  • selecting and implementing DAM systems
  • building DAM practices including metadata and taxonomy design, governance structures, data migration, and more
  • leading change management and user adoption of DAM and surrounding Marketing Technologies
  • supporting companies with evaluating and optimizing their existing DAM operations

Maximise the Value of Your Rich Content with Digital Asset Management

A Simple Process for DAM Support

No matter where you are in your Digital Asset Management journey, Huddart Consulting offers consulting services that will enable direct, measurable value to your business.

Huddart Consulting uses Agile Project Management principles as a foundation to help your business communicators have access to the right content for each customer and run your content marketing services like a business.

Step 1

The Start of Your DAM Journey

  • Build your business case for DAM
  • Select the DAM supplier for your needs and specific use cases

Step 2

Developing Foundations

  • Configure your DAM to your specific needs
  • Migrate data from a legacy system
  • Implementation
  • Roll-out/change management
  • Metadata & taxonomy
  • Governance

Step 3

Optimizing & Realizing Full Value

  • Maximise user adoption & value of your DAM
  • Make content easy to find for users

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